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A Village Pub at the centre of The community since 1997

In 1997, a planning application to turn the Mermaid Restaurant in the small village of Ivinghoe Aston into a private dwelling was rejected by the local council after a group of residents form the village objected and overturned the application.

As a result, a number of the villagers banded together and came up with a plan to buy the restaurant and run it as a pub themselves. In November 1997, the aptly renamed The Village Swan pub, was reopened.

Now, over 20 years on, The Village Swan is being run by Kiril and Veronika Ivanov, and together with their two children, Katrin and Alex, they chose to move from Bulgaria to Ivinghoe Aston to enjoy the British lifestyle. They have brought a few Bulgarian dishes to the menu and offer a warm welcome to its many visitors.